A new poster in the city streets…

Zampacon16 Poster

It seems like there will be a new classy event this year, that no respectable furry can miss. It appears that even Miss. Beatrice and Mr. Dante will attend. Many wish to meet the gentlesaur Aledon, the most popular artist of this decade, who realized this lovely poster and who will be one of the hosts for this event. The evening will flow among sophisticated discussions on art and on the latest mundane novelties, lulled by the soft notes of a jazz song and savoring a Martini, hoping that ridiculous law on prohibition won’t pass.

You’re invited not to let yourself be bothered by any ominous and ancient presence that could loom over the grand hotel from the skies above the city. The city police believes that this peculiar meteorologic phoenomenon is mostly harmless and the researchers down at the University are trying to figure out a possible explaination. Ah, such brilliant times we live in, everything seems to go smoothly and society is changing towards the future in these roaring twenties, so lighthearted that it seems more like they’re purring… what could go wrong?